Help us finish strong

There’s a reality of closing a church: the financial obligations do not stop once the doors are closed.  Although we shut our doors, our financial obligations will continue until organizational debt is paid off.

Can you help?   And know that not only is your gift greatly appreciated, it remains tax deductible.  You can use this link to give safely and securely via PayPal.

Thank you and may God bless you as He blessed our efforts to be good stewards even here at the end.

What is “The Purpose Community Church”?

Good question!

The Purpose Community Church (TPCC) is a dream–more accurately, a vision.  A vision for Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What if there was another church in Baton Rouge focused on those who are skeptical about “religion”?  Those who have doubts?

What if a church challenged the notion that “church” has be boring?

What if you and your kids actually enjoyed going?

What if a church made a bold difference in its city with the poor, orphaned, and disenfranchised?

What if a church was designed from the beginning for those not a part of it?

Sound like a dream come true?  Then stay tuned and dream with us!

The Purpose Community Church launches March 22, 2015

Launch Team forming now.  Interested?